Say 'hello' to Phe Phee, a tall 12-year-old girl that spends the majority of her days lost in games and exploring the depths of her imagination. She comes from a pretty big family: parents, grandparents, and 4 younger brothers (Daeryn, Gurtus, Mylo & Alex) who rely on her for everything. As the big sister, she's responsible for entertaining her siblings, considering the lack of options in the small town they live in. But with so much time invested in them, Phe Phee has forgotten to take care of her own fun. Fortunately for her, a strange blue mushroom rock comes along, Rufus.
Animation: Marina K. & fleurescence
Sound & Music: fleurescence
Voice of Phe Phee & Rufus: Desislava Andonova (Desy)